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Buying a Used Car - Tips and Scams to Avoid

Posted on 1/31/2018 by Author

Used Car Myth: "A car sold by a big dealer has got to be ok!"

No matter where you buy, you have to perform your due diligence. We've seen certified pre-owned luxury cars that have been previously wrecked or have other problems. A totaled car was sold as "certified" by a Mercedes-Benz dealer. The dealers like to advertise things like 175 point inspections but in reality these don't mean much and they really don't do much to recondition the cars other than normal detailing. Please do the proper background check on any used car and get an AutoCheck report.

Don't Rely on a Used Car Lemon Law!

Lemon laws are generally written to protect new car buyers. Most states don't have lemon laws for used cars. Since these laws vary, check the web site for your state's Attorney General to see what might apply.