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Why You Should Never Ever Buy a Used Car That's Sold "As Is"; Unfortunately, "as is" often means, "you're out of luck."

Posted on 12/30/2016 by By Chris Perkins Aug 18, 2016 Road and Driver

We're big proponents of buying used cars, but unfortunately, sometimes a used car isn't a great value. You might look at a Cragislist listing for a seemingly perfect Miata being sold "as is," and while the car may seem totally fine, you should pause before you hand your money over.

As our columnist Steve Lehto explains in his Lehto's Law podcast, if you buy a used car that's sold "as is," you're totally out of luck if something catastrophic happens when you take possession. Engine blows up as you drive away from the seller? Sorry, it's your problem now.  Can be viewed on youtube